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An Interview with No1 Fitness Education co-founder Harry Thomas and senior trainer, Simon Jones!

What is the reason why you went into personal training? I have always been into fitness before completing education; I have always done swimming, athletics professionally, weight lifting… I wanted to develop that and do it as a job, to make money out of it.

You have been with No1 for a few years now, Is there anything you would have done differently to get to where you are at this point? I would’ve said If you want to do something, just go for it, if you want to do a course, just do it.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years within the fitness industry? I would like to help No1Fitness Education develop their personal training courses even further, and progress the students who want to become personal trainers…

Can you give us a tip of how you organise your diary so well? My diary is organised well because of the fact that myself and my clients have a really good report, if they can’t make a session It won’t necessarily be a late cancel. It is a two-way street. It is a relationship we build together.

Example of how your diary looks on a given day? I always work half day on a Monday, full day on a Tuesday, Wednesday off, full day on a Thursday, half day on a Friday, and Education on Saturday (Sunday off).

How many sessions will that be in personal training sessions? That is 25 to 30 sessions a week.

What would be your best advice to someone that is looking to get into personal training? If you are going to get into personal training, be prepared to put in the hours, because it does take time to build your own clientele, but just keep going and eventually these clients will start retaining. You will start building your client base and you will get a good salary under your belt…

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