Transformation Nutrition Course

Learn a deeper understanding of how to plan and coach a client's nutritional program to radically reduce body fat and sculpt their body. Gain the tools to reduce your client's body fat to below 10%! After completing this course you will be certified to gain insurance as a nutritional coach.  

For the ease of learning, we have split the course into three easy to digest mini-courses which make up the whole of the TNC level 1 program. 

FORMAT: Online & Mobile App



Estimated Length: 10-20 HOURS


Start learning this transformation nutrition course now with these three free modules. Experience the in-depth knowledge brought to you by the team and start to look at strategies you may want to bring into your coaching practice to gain better results.

Is there a super power when it comes to Protein, carbohydrates and Fats? Gain an in-depth understanding of all the macro nutrients and how they play a role in fatness.

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What is metabolic flexibility? Take this FREE module to find out.

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Do we need to rush after training to get all our protein and carbohydrates in? The anabolic window has been argued both for and against in the training community, see what the research states.

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Fad diets are something we all want to see in their rightful place - gone! In our introduction, you start to understand the basics of nutrition and see how these are the fundamentals for taking a client through a transformational journey. 


We can provide a variety of coaching strategies. Here we will start to look at how important adherence is and how you can implement this into a clients program.


In this module, we will take through the pillars of understanding everything from what a calorie is, how the thermic effects of food are needing to be taken into account and establishing a base line.


What is an energy deficit and how can when should you program such things into a client's nutritional program? In this module, we answer all above and give the latest in what the research and our experience shows


As a coach you need to have a deep understanding of the macro-nutrients and what your client's journey will look like when it comes to having the right energy balance. During this part of the course, we will be dealing with Macro Nutrients specifically. We will examine what exactly they are along with the effect they have on the human body.

Module Overview:

During this module, we will take a look at the various macronutrients. By the end of this module, you should be familiar with the various macronutrients and their effect on the human body. Remember for the purpose of this course we are specifically focusing on fat loss and reducing body fat with clients.

Module Content: 

2.01: Presenter Introduction
2.02: Macro Nutrients Overview
2.03: Protein
2.04: Setting Protein Target
2.05: Myths about Protein
2.06: Fats
2.07: Carbs
2.08: The GI Myth
2.09: Junk Food
2.10: Fibre – the Buffer
2.11: Low Carb Diets
2.12: How to Put the Pieces Together
2.13: What to do When Progress Stalls?
2.14: Metabolic Flexibility
2.15: Advanced Strategies
2.16: Knowledge Check

Module Overview:

Nutrient timing has been argued both for and against since the first bodybuilders took to the stage. In this module, we will look at meal frequency, the anabolic window and glycogen replenishment and what the research has to say. 

Module Content: 

3.01: Presenter Introduction
3.02: Meal Frequency
3.03: The Anabolic Window
3.04: Glycogen Replenishment
3.05: What about Muscle Damage?
3.06: Conclusion


Part 3 of this No1 Fitness Education Transformation Workshop course we will be dealing with diet-induced adaptions, dietary habits and popular media diets. Learn to examine what exactly they are, along with the effect they have on the human body.

In this module, we will take a look at the various aspects of diets which affect an individual's body weight. We will also examine why we diet, and the success rate of individuals attempting to lose weight.

Module Overview:

To keep a client on track and continually losing body fat takes knowledge but also an understanding of what where your client maybe at both mentally and physically. 

What happens when we diet? Find out in this next module.

Module Content: 

2.02: Weight Loss Success
2.03: Factors which affect Body Weight
2.04: What happens when we Diet?
2.05: Why do these Processes occur?
2.06: What can we do about it?
2.07: Knowledge Check


Module Overview:

'Cheat day' is not an option in our eyes when it comes to dieting with a client but are cheat meals acceptable? Do we need to even use the word 'cheat' if you have planned everything to the detail? Find out more as we dive into the small tweaks that bring incredible results.

Module Content: 

3.01: Presenter Introduction
3.02: Cheat Meals
3.03: Refeeds
3.04: Planned Diet Breaks
3.05: Coming out of a Diet
3.06: Knowledge Check

Module Overview:

There are various diets championed by the media, but how many of them are actually valid methods of losing weight in a safe way? During this module, we will take a look at the most popular media diets, and the effects they have on the human body.

Module Content: 

4.01: Presenter Introduction
4.02: What these Diets claim
4.03: Low Carb – High Fat Diet/How it Really Works
4.04: Alkaline Diet
4.05: Paleo Diet
4.06: The Paleo Diet – Poor Research and Myths
4.07: Paleo Diet - The Sugar issue
4.08: Fatty Acid Ratio
4.09: Paleo Diet - Who it may be for
4.10: Intermittent Fasting
4.11: Who does Intermittent Fasting work for?
4.12: Flexible Dieting & IIFYM
4.13: Pros and Cons to IIFYM
4.14: IIFYM: Is there a better way?
4.15: Clean Eating V IIFYM
4.16: Knowledge Check

Module Overview:

Take a look at insulin and its effect on the human body. This will also involve dispelling some of the myths around it. We will also examine the issue of supplements in this module.

Module Content: 

5.01: Presenter Introduction
5.02: What is Insulin?
5.03: Insulin Myth 1
5.04: Insulin Myth 2
5.05: Insulin Myth 3
5.06: Take Home Points with Insulin
5.07: Supplements
5.08: Knowledge Check

Module Overview:

"Chase Progress and Not Perfection" Is something we champion here at No1 and to find out if we are progressing we need to track.

In this final module, we will take a look at the systems of measurements and measuring tools which are used to measure a client's progress. 

Module Content: 

6.01: Presenter Introduction
6.02: Measuring Tools and Methods
6.03: Weight
6.04: Pictures
6.05: Tracking Progress
6:06: Bio-impedance Machines
6.07: Conclusion



I have always been passionate about my own health and fitness, but have always helped women of all shapes and sizes achieve some amazing results. I am so happy that I did my Personal Trainer qualification with No1 Fitness Education. The tutors introduced me to a number of things that I had never experienced before and help me improve my own training too. 5 STARS


The guys at No1 Fitness Education have been amazing. They always are keeping up to date with the latest research and make it easy to understand when they teach. No1 Fitness Education have showed me how to now be adaptable where ever I go and I have managed to keep myself in good shape. The team are excellent and I know I can always go to them, when ever I need anything. Highly recommended.


The Transformative Nutrition Course was interesting, interactive and informative. The tutor came from an evidence based perspective which I respected, and he shared a lot of valuable insights into the world of transformative nutrition, an area I was less familiar with. I would recommend the course for those starting out in the industry who want to get to grips with the basics in nutrition, and get a qualification in the areas and better inform their work with their clients


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This is an self study course how ever we want nothing more than to see you succeed and start helping more people achieve their goals. We will answer all of your questions as soon as we can and endeavour to have all queries answered within 24 hours. As a student you will also have access to our resource centre and entry into our private Facebook Group .


With 68 modules of learning we recommend that you work at your own pace when moving through the modules. Our recommendation is to commit to at least 5 modules each week.


This course is for all health & fitness professionals looking to further their nutritional knowledge and understanding. With a main focus of how to reduce body fat this course will explain from a scientific approach what you can apply to your every day nutritional management as well as your clients.