For many people, November is the start of the hardest time of year for keeping fit. Cold weather makes us crave stodgy comfort food, and that’s before you factor in the parties.

But rather than wait until the new year for yet another resolution to get fit or lose weight, how about trying to keep yourself focused and keep the weight off while still enjoying the festive period?

At No1Fitness we often work with clients who find it difficult to keep the pounds off at this time of year. Here are a few of my favourite strategies, which have worked for people over the years. I’m not saying you should strictly adhere to them all, but stick to one or two and you may find you don’t need to make New Year’s resolution after all.

Morning fast!

My main piece of advice is not to over-consume calories, and if you do over-eat during a meal, then reduce calories somewhere else.

Sure, you could work out for longer, or harder, which will burn more calories, but this is far from the most efficient way of going about things unless you can spare a few hours of pumping iron a day. Far quicker and easier is to simply reduce calories elsewhere throughout the day.

So if you see in your diary that you have five big dinners planned in a week, each of which will no doubt be accompanied by a fair few drinks, then try fasting in the morning. We’re always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this is a myth. Skipping breakfast is a great and easy way to create a calorie deficit. If you’re hungry and you really need food, then eat, but if you can hold off, try to get to lunch before having your first meal; skipping food first thing in the morning can save you up 600 calories.

We have clients who will forego breakfast three days a week if they have a big night planned, and they see fantastic results…

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